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3 Nipples

 SS Nipples

Water Nipples

A great way to deliver fresh, clean water to your flock!

There are four kinds of water nipples; Go Anywhere (Red), Clip-on (Orange & Yellow), screw-in (Yellow) and finally - Stainless Steel.

Although each do the same job (deliver water), use and installation techniques differ slightly.

 The Go Anywhere nipples will do just that - they can be placed in most containers whether portable or stationary. These are great for brooder waterers, or any water source that you want to be able to move at your leisure.

Clip-on, Screw-in and Stainless Steel nipples are more for permanant water systems. Installation is different for each and can be found in the article titled "Installation". All of these nipples differ from the Go Anywhere nipples mainly because these are for 'closed water systems'. The go Anywhere are for almost any container.

For Screw-in, Clip-on and Stainless Steel nipple installation instructions click here.

For the Go Anywhere instructions click here.