Candler Plans

Building a candler is pretty easy. The more handy you are the easier. There are three designs depicted below. No copyright so go ahead and be my guest. As a matter of fact, if you have a good idea for one, please email instructions and photo's or drawings and we'll put them here with your name on it!
Box Candler
You can make this out of timber, chipboard, MDF, whatever. The idea is to make a box that holds a light, with a hole in the top to set the egg into.
If you are going to go hrough the incubation process on a more regular level, then one like this would be good. It'll be there when you need it, ready to go.
Just a couple notes about this one;
  1. The hole on top should be no more than about 2.5cm (1inch), chamfered / rounded at the top edge keeping sharp edges away from the egg shell.

  2. If you make the box, then make the base so that the top just slips down over it works really well. The bulb will eventually blow out.

  3. For the light bulb I would suggest one of the newer energy efficient bulbs. The light is whiter and more importantly cooler than ordinary bulbs. 20 watts or better will do the trick. Hint: These bulbs come in a variety of sizes so buy the bulbs before building the box – trust me!

  4. For the light socket it is a good idea to get a porcelain one.

  5. I have seen this box with the hole at the front, too.

  6. When looking at the egg look across the light path at about 45 degrees is best.

  candler 1 candler2 candler3

I haven't tried this next one however find it interesting.

Remove one end of a coffee can in such a way that the heavy rim of the can remains on the removed end. This will make it much easier to replace and can be done quite easily if the can opener is reversed from the usual method of end removal.

  1. Drill a hole approximately 2.5cm(1inch) in diameter in the end of the can that has been removed or in the plastic lid if it came with one.

  2. Mount the porcelain socket in the inside of the can opposite the end that has been removed.

  3. Drill a small hole through this opposite end and attach the extension cord to the terminals of the socket.

  4. Screw in the light bulb.

  5. Replace the end of the can where the large hole has been drilled and tape securely or use the plastic lid that has been darkened.

  6. Hold the egg in front of the hole.

coffe candler

And the best for last;
You'll need a sheet of black, A4 (81/2 x 11inch) construction paper, tape, scissors, and a good and bright flashlight.
Roll the piece of construction paper so that it forms a cone. The small end should be an opening about 2.5cm (1 inch) in diameter. The other end should be large enough to go over the light end of your flashlight. Tape the paper together to hold the cone shape. Using your scissors, trim unnecessary bits. Bingo! You're finished.
Depending on the brightness of the flashlight and the darkness of the room, this actually works very well!
There are other ways, too, which you may know of. For instance the 'Overhead projector method'. Let us know about it and we'll share them here!

Remember that candling can hurt the developing embryos if not done correctly.