Go Anywhere water nipples


Like the name implies;

 50mm Pipe  Put 'em in a 50mm pipe,

                                                                                       or a 90mm pipe.

                                                                              90mm Pipe

                             Bucket              In a bucket.




In the Top..........................or Bottom of a Coke bottle!


                             Coke top                          Coke bot


These nipples are designed to be placed where ever you need them. Moving your chooks around? Great - getting them fresh clean water without having to use those nasty plastic water bowls is a thing of the past!!

Use them in your brooder, too! Can be placed where ever you need them without the mess that chicks seem so good at leaving behind!

They are "ball valve" type nipples meaning that the body can be unscrewed to clean if necessary. They do NOT need a closed water system like other nipples.

Simply drill a 9mm hole in the container - and best way is to tap the hole ( Size is 1/8BSPT BOTT)  By matching the threads on the nipple you could also use a bolt and screw it into the hole with a spanner to cut the threads. The tap is easier!

Then screw them into place! 

Note - On thinner materials (like the coke bottle above) some silastic was used to help the threads grab so as not to leak.  Also, remember that the top of the container must be able to replace the water in the tank with air so it does not create a vacuum! ie; don't place a fixed lid on the water container!!