Lamp Holder

Heat Lamps - Necessary for keeping your new brood healthy and happy, not to mention warm and dry!  A good quality product with a very simple and effective design. They are made for the DIY' er in all of us poultry people.

Most of us have a brooder made out of almost anything we can find that will work. Cardboard boxes, plastic crates, wooden cases, glass cases - even an old wardrobe turned on it's side! (and if you need a bit of space, that last one will work great!!)

Trouble is, that finding a ceramic lamp holder to suit our various needs was hard to find. And now that that problem has been solved - here is a simple way to make an easy hanger for it!  Have fun!


                                     lamp1   lamp2

As you can see from the images above, the single ceramic lamp holder can be fitted on the hanger and be positioned to give chicks the most benefit. The double ceramic holder can be done in the same way, as pictured below.




And it's really simple to make, too!      A few hand tools (except for maybe one cut) and you're on your way. Here's the plans:

You'll need:

-some timber for the project - 70 x 19mm pine works just fine. Maybe you have a few bits of ply around the place like I did.

-6 Screws / long enough to hold two thicknesses of your timber together. (Can use nails instead / screws are safer w/ better hold)

-Screw Driver

-Drill with a bit that is half the dia. of screw for pre drilling the holes

-One bolt, preferably with a wing nut, and washer.

- Saw ( Would be nice to know someone with a table saw or compound saw to cut slot in piece 'A'.)

- patience, and a cup of your favorite tea - or whatever.


Below is a cutting diagram of all the pieces for the one pictured above. (19mm thick)

cut diagram

...and this is how they go together:

 diagram2The great thing about this little beauty is the sizes can be adjusted to suit your own needs.

If your brooder is tall you might want to make part A longer to suit. Be aware that If the light is too high it will be ineffective. The brooders I use are all 450mm high and this works great.

Depending on the thickness of the wall of your brooder - part D might need to be adjusted. The one shown here has a clearance of 15mm to hang on to my brooder wall.

Part B could also be extended to reach a little into your brooder if need be.

I also thought of putting this on a base so I could stand it on the floor of the brooder - but the thought of having to constantly clean it turned me right back here!

Well! There you have it! Have fun - Enjoy.