Assembling your new Treadle Feeder is very easy!   Only takes a couple minutes.

Step 1

The Treadle slides in with the holes at the rear.

Step 2

There will be two stainless steel rods inside the feeder - Place one on each side of treadle so that feet are towards each other. The hook at the top of rod will be facing the feeder.

Insert the 90 degree feet into the hole on top of the treadle and then with other hand, open door and insert hook into hole on door. Do this with both rods (one on eother side).

Loosen the bolts toward the back of the treadle from the outside of feeder till threads disappear into nut. Place treadle in front of the bolts and screw the bolts into the holes on the rear side of treadle.

Finger tight and then 1/4 turn with spanner (Do this with all for bolts!) Do Not Overtighten!!

Voila'  Time to train the chooks!!

Step 3